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Annual Report

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    46ºth INTERNATIONAL ENCUENTROS FESTIVAL 2014 The 46th Encuentros International Festival 2014 took place in Buenos Aires in May, August and September with the co-participation of DAMUS/IUNA, the Auditorium of the Faculty of Laws, Augusto Sebastiani Auditorium of the Beethoven Foundation, AAMCANT and MusicaQuantica Chamber Choir, and the National of Young Orchestras and Choirs of the Bicentennial. Important Argentine and foreign artists participated in this Festival offering concerts and seminars with free admittance.During the Encuentros 2014 Festival, 12 argentinecomposers works were premiered as well as the world premiere of the recent awarded work at the last Geneva International Composition Competition(Switzerland). The Festival was launched in May with the participation of the outstanding Welsh choir conductor Gwyn L Williams who gave a Choral Conducting Seminar sponsored by DAMUS/IUNA – National Conservatory of Music López Buchardo – and AAMCANT with the MusicaQuantica Chamber Choir conducted by Prof. Camilo Santostefano. The Seminar given by Mtro. Williams took place on May 10-16 in the seat of DAMUS/IUNA. More than 100 choir conductors from Argentina and two Latin American countries- Mexico and Chile - were registered The closing concert at charge of MusicaQuantica Chamber Voices took place at the Auditorium of the Faculty of Laws of Buenos Aires before an audience of 1000 people, conducted by the invited fellows and Mtro. Gwyn L Williams. Subsequently on May 19-25, Prof.Gwyn Williams, invited by the National Program of Young Orchestras and Choirs of the Bicentennial, travelled to the city of Trelew(Chubut) where he gave a Seminar and conducted the mentioned choir integrated by 50 young singers from all over the country. With the National Youth Choir, Mtro. Williams worked a repertoire formed by contemporary Welsh choral works which were performed at the Verdi Theatre of Trelew before an audience of 400 children and youth participants of choirs of the provinces of Rio Negro, Chubut and Santa Cruz together with their conductors and professors, all of them participants of the National Program of Young Choirs. Together with this activity, Mtro. Williams co-ordinated a space of ‘common singing’ conducting 400 children and youth of those provinces in two Welsh works, accompanied by the piano. The Seminar concluded with a concert open to the community and both the Welsh conductor and the young singers received a warm applause by the big audience. The Encuentros Festival continued in August with a series of art films awarded at the Biannual Competition organized by ‘Classique en Images’ and the Auditorium of the Museum of Louvre (Paris). Many important films were watched: "Une autre ville" music by Schoenberg;"l'Atelier Ullman"; "Keith Jarret and the art of improvisation";"Looking Glass". The series was concluded with the Latin American premiere of the documentary "Le Chant des ondes" dedicated to Maurice Martenot , who created the very well-known Martenot Waves. Following the films there were debates directed by writter and journalist Marcelo Zapata and invited specialists Marcelo Lombardero, Edgardo Cozarinsky, Eduardo Stupia, Marta Blanco, Gustavo Garcia Mendy, Ruben Szchumacher, Luis Maria Serra, Sergio Wolf, Manuel Fraga and Pablo Freiberg. The 2014 Encuentros Season continued with 5 concerts given in first place by theRitmus Ensemble of Percussion conducted by Arauco Yepes and piano soloist Diana Lopszyc; Grupo Encuentros integrated by Claudio Espector, Sergio Polizzi, Carlos Nozzi, Matias Tchicourel, soloists singer Marta Blanco and flutist Fabio Mazzitelli, conducted by Alicia Terzian. Invited by Encuentros Foundation there were the pianists and directors of the Conservatory of Music of Geneva. The first concert was held by the Director, the pianist Eva Aroutunian who offered a program devoted in its first part to Georgy Kurtag- Bach, proposing a counterpoint of different styles but attractive to the audience, proving a high quality performance. The pianists Philippe Chanon ,Vice director of the Conservatory of Music of Geneva and Adrian Kreda, Dean of the Department of piano of the same swiss conservatory, shared a concert which was very much appraised and which showed their high artistic quality. The three directors of the Conservatory of Music of Geneva gave a Piano Seminar in the DAMUS/IUNA to 20 selected young pianists closing with a an extraordinary shared concert program integrated by works written for 4 and 6 hands piano. During their staying an important Co-operation Agreement were signed between the Conservatory of Music of Geneva and the Department of Music Arts of the National University of Arts with the purpose of exchange of students and professors, the integration of academic juries, seminars, master classes and artistic and academic events. Likewise, in the frame of the National Program of Youth Orchestras and Choirs of the Bicentennial of the Ministry of Education, the three Swiss pianists gave classes at theNational University of Cuyo (Mendoza) and at the National University of San Juanfinalizing their activities with a shared concert in an extraordinary program which was applauded by an important audience gathered at the Auditorium of the University of Mendoza. At the same time, and interested in the development of the National Program of Youth Orchestras and Choirs, the Swiss managers participated in the rehearsals of the National Youth Orchestra of the Bicentennial. They also held a meeting with the national co-ordinator, Mtro. Claudio Espector and invited conductor Mtro. Alejo Pérez, previously to the tournée that the orchestra realized through different cities of the country. They also participated in the meeting of orchestras on September 17-19 in the city of Mendoza organized by the Ministry of Education of the Nation. Finally they agreed to sign a co-operation agreement between the organizers of the National Program of Youth Orchestras and Choirs and the Conservatory of Music ofGeneva with the purpose of encouraging the artistic development of a young musicians. The closing concert of the 46th Encuentros International Festival 2014 was held by singer Marta Blanco accompanied by pianist Enrique Premoli who offered a program in Memory to the Ist World War Centennial, with works written between 1914 and 1919 to honor innocent victims of the 1st genocide of the XXth Century.

    The full program of Fundación Encuentros 2014 can be visited at:

    Finally we wish to thank our benefactors ,Mr. Eduardo Eurnekian and other important international and national enterprises, who with their annual support make possible the achievement of our aims which are Concerts, Seminars, Lectures, Films sessions, Competitions, Debates in which the participation of the audience is free.

    Alicia Terzian Composer,conductor,academic,musicologist Artistic Director / Fundacion Encuentros Internacionales de Musica Contemporanea de Buenos Aires Honorary member of the International Music Council (CIM-NGO official partner of UNESCO -associate status) Honorary member of the Accademy of Musique in Valencia(Spain) Member of the Fine Arts Accademy in Chile



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