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ISCM WMD 2006 Stuttgart 




Festival details

  • Hosting Member: 
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  • Year: 
  • Date: 
    Fri, 14/07/2006 to Sat, 29/07/2006
  • Abstract: 

    ISCM World New Music Festival 2006
    July 14 to 29 in Stuttgart


    The title "Grenzenlos" ("Without Borders") is an homage to the great variety of different cultures, which all are integrated in the festival either by the ISCM itself or by other countries related to it. Thus "Grenzenlos" gets a specific political dimension. The title refers in particular to the situation for the arts in a globalize world and raises the question of cultural identity.

    What are the consequences for the individual of changes caused by globalization? How relevant is art in the process of finding one's cultural identity? How does art function in different cultures? Is it possible for art to overcome existing borders between individuals or countries? How does the generation of young artists react to the challenge of worldwide intercultural phenomena, to the possibility of borderless communication - especially on the internet - and to new technologies?

    With the title "Grenzenlos" the organisers also wish to emphasize the general importance of art for our societies. From this perspective, "without borders" implies an artistic philosophy which gains its explosive force by questioning all certainties, whether of aesthetical, technical or cultural nature.

    Promoter: Musik der Jahrhunderte Stuttgart

    Artistic Director: Christine Fischer


    An extensive fringe program will be created in addition to the festival events with mediation projects, discussions, experimental world music concerts and street performances as well as webradio, festival newspaper and live streams in the www.

  • Location

    WMD Festival 2006 Stuttgart Stuttgart
    48° 46' 31.5048" N, 9° 10' 54.3324" E
  • Local Time:
    Thursday, January 27, 2022 - 22:16
  • Weather nearby: Stuttgart 22:00-00:00

    Light rain
    Light rain
    3 °C




ISCM World Music Days 2006 by ISCM Switzerland


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